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Pike Technologies Introduce New X, Y Autosampler/Microplate Reader for FTIR Spectrometers12 Mar 2013Read
Anasys Instruments Report on Applying AFM-based Infrared Spectroscopy to the Study of Drug Resistant Bacteria5 Mar 2013Read
Anasys to Discuss Major Improvements to its AFM-IR Nanoscale Spectroscopy Product Family at Pittcon 20135 Feb 2013Read
Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging Technology from FLIR Systems13 Dec 2012Read
LI-COR Expands Line of Secondary Antibodies20 Nov 2012Read
R&D Systems Now Using LI-COR IRDye Infrared Dyes in Antibody Arrays12 May 2012Read
Two-Color Protein Marker Offers Grayscale and Pseudo-Colored Images For Publishing23 Feb 2012Read
NEW LI-COR 2012 Catalog and Applications Handbook Serves As Lab Resource10 Feb 2012Read
Improved Brightness With New IRDye® 680RD Secondary Antibodies26 Jan 2012Read
New Kit Reduces Total Western Blot Detection Time by 90 Minutes20 Jan 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Reverse Phase Protein Arrays for Cell Signaling: Using the InnoScan 710-IR Scanner Improves Sensitivity and Dynamic Range17 May 2013Read
FT-IR Microspectroscopy in Forensic and Crime Lab Analysis3 May 2013Read
A New Approach to Sample Preparation Free Micro ATR FTIR Chemical Imaging of Polymer Laminates9 Mar 2013Read
Material Analysis by Infrared Mapping: A Case Study using a Multi-Layer Paint Sample6 Mar 2013Read
Visualization of Cathepsin Activity Using ProSense 680 Agent from Well to Cell to Animal12 Dec 2012Read
Orientation of Poly(ethane terephthalate) Fibers as Studied by Infrared Microscopy20 Nov 2012Read


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IRDye®- Infrared Dye Reagents for Click Chemistry17 Jun 2014Watch  
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