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Plexpress Announces Partner Programs for CRO’s to Comply with ADME-Tox Regulatory Guidelines29 Jan 2013Read
Bio-Rad Receives Frost & Sullivan 2012 North American Market Penetration Leadership Award in Quantitative and Digital PCR Instrumentation28 Nov 2012Read
The CE-IVD Marked QuantStudio Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument for Molecular Diagnostics20 Nov 2012Read
New Method Helps Link Genomic Variation to Protein Production9 Nov 2012Read
Agilent Technologies and Roche Establish Agreement to Provide Continued Service and Support to Roche NimbleGen Microarray Customers7 Nov 2012Read
Plexpress and Admescope Expand TRACPACK ADME-Tox Screening Services5 Nov 2012Read
Roche Launches New Tools for RNA Isolation and cDNA Pre-Amplification From FFPET Samples31 Oct 2012Read
Promega GoTaq Probe Real-Time PCR Systems Provide Sensitive Quantitation with Resistant-to-Inhibitor Master Mixes18 Oct 2012Read
Plexpress to Showcase ADME-Tox Offering at Eurotox 201212 Jun 2012Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces New Human Gene-Expression Microarray with Probes Specific for Human Large Intergenic Noncoding RNAs23 May 2012Read

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Multiplexing Methods for Cell Culture Contamination and Authentication Analysis13 Nov 2014Read
Streamlining Antibody Development Using Large Scale, CHO Transient Gene Expression (TGE) Followed by Rapid Production of CHO Stable Pools7 Nov 2014Read
Automated Quantitative Real Time PCR Set-Up Using the CyBi®-8plus123 Oct 2014Read
Global Gene Expression Changes Induced in Primary Human Hepatocytes by Thiazolidinediones upon Repeat Dosing of HepatoPac Cultures28 Aug 2014Read
Gene Expression Profiling of Single Laser Capture Microdissected (LCM) Cells6 May 2014Read
In-depth Gene Expression Profiling of Seminomatous Testicular Germ Cell Tumors6 May 2014Read
Gene Expression Plant – Virus Study Monitoring Potato Virus Y (PVY) with Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Results Using the PIPETMAX 26822 Apr 2014Read
Demonstration of a ΔΔCq Calculation Method to Compute Thermo Scientific Relative Gene Expression from qPCR Data26 Dec 2013Read
Relative Quantitation of mRNA: Real-Time PCR vs. End-Point PCR7 Dec 2013Read
PrimePCR™ Pathway Analysis: Pathway Curation and Real-Time PCR Panel Design Strategy25 Nov 2013Read


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Washing Slides After RNA Hybridization for QuantiGene21 Jul 2013Watch  
QuantiGene FlowView Assay Demonstration 9 Jul 2013Watch  
QuantiGene 2.0 Assay Tutorial: Singleplex Gene Detection5 Jul 2013Watch  
Affymetrix the GeneTitan™ System2 Jul 2013Watch  
Understand Complex Omics Data with Ingenuity24 Apr 2013Watch  
Model, Analyze, and Understand the Complex Biological and Chemical Systems at the Core of Life Science Research with IPA27 Mar 2013Watch  
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