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Randox Adiponectin Assay Gains CE Approval6 Jun 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific and Nuclea Biotechnologies Collaborate to Accelerate Translation of Multiplexed Methods to Quantify Type 2 Diabetes Markers4 Jun 2014Read
Studies Validate EKF Diagnostics’ Early Stage Test for Progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease23 May 2014Read
Studies Validate EKF Diagnostics’ Early Stage Test for Progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease22 May 2014Read
Exclusive Interview: Dr Darrell Sleep Talks to SelectScience about Albumin and its Power to Boost Existing Drugs21 May 2014Read
Abbott Announces FDA Clearance for a New Test to Help Physicians Quickly and Accurately Diagnose Diabetes14 Apr 2014Read
Oxford Medical Diagnostics Appoints Renfrew Group International for the Design of Breath Ketone Analysis Platform31 Mar 2014Read
BD Launches Innovative Diabetes Pen Needle with Pentapoint™ 5-Bevel Technology26 Mar 2014Read
JPK Reports on the Use of the CellHesion 200 System to Study Cellular Adhesion At The Molecular Level In The Field Of Diabetes at the University of Warwick26 Mar 2014Read
Malvern Specialist to Explore Use of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis for Characterizing Extracellular Vesicles at ISEV 201410 Mar 2014Read

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Automation of the Invitron Intact Proinsulin ELISA using the Crocodile miniWorkstation4 Feb 2015Read
The Effect of IGF2 on Developing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus16 Dec 2014Read
Mouse Diabetes Multiplex Metabolic Biomarkers Assay16 Dec 2014Read
Novel GPR39 Agonsits: Correlation of Binding Affinity Using Label-Free Back-Scattering Interfreometry with Potency in Functional Assays.1 Oct 2014Read
HTRF® Assays for Diabetes Investigation10 Sep 2014Read
Measuring Bioenergetic Profiles of Human Adipocytes19 Aug 2014Read
Evaluation of OCT2-Mediated Interactions using Primary Human Kidney Cells5 Aug 2014Read
Untargeted Metabolomics Workflow Using UHPLC/Quadrupole Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer and SIEVE 2.1 Software15 Jul 2014Read
Analytical Evaluation of a New Liquid Stable Immunoturbidimetric Assay Kit for the Determination of Adiponectin in Serum2 Jul 2014Read
MyGlucoHealth Wireless: Controlling Diabetes Easily with Real-Time Data Monitoring12 Jun 2014Read


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Boronate Fluorescence Quenching Technology Used to Measure HbA1c in Quo-Lab28 Jan 2015Watch  
Scientists at IRB Barcelona Dance for Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes Research22 Dec 2014Watch  
Quo-Test HbA1c Analyzer11 Jun 2014Watch  
Roberto Iacone, Roche, Discusses the Use of Stem Cells in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Research19 Mar 2014Watch  
Prof. Joseph F Petrosino, Baylor College of Medicine: Microbiome Research Using Next Generation Sequencing11 Nov 2013Watch  
Introducing the New Gold Standard in Ketone Testing7 Aug 2013Watch  
EKF Diagnostics Launches STAT-Site M ß-HB2 Aug 2013Watch