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The Binding Site and eBioscience, an Affymetrix Business, Partner in Clinical Flow Cytometry Reagent Agreement5 Dec 2014Read
3 Ways FFPE Technology is Used in Cancer Research26 Nov 2014Read
Merck Millipore Launches Kit for Analyzing NFкB Translocation by Imaging Flow Cytometry19 Nov 2014Read
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Supports Clinical Researchers in The ONE Study18 Nov 2014Read
How to set up an Effective High Throughput Antibody Discovery Lab12 Nov 2014Read
Merck Millipore's guava easyCyte™ 12 Flow Cytometer Offers Improved Resolution Down to 0.2 μm7 Nov 2014Read
5 Top Tips for the Perfect High-Throughput Screening Lab29 Oct 2014Read
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences To Acquire Cytometer Maker Xitogen25 Apr 2014Read
AMSBIO Announces New Aptamer Kits for Cell Isolation & Flow Cytometry24 Jan 2014Read
New Research Validates Miniaturization of Micronucleus Testing for Genotoxicity by 96-Well Flow Cytometry18 Sep 2013Read

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Cross Platform Solutions for Autophagy Detection using the guava™8HT and Amnis ImageStream® Systems1 Jul 2013Read
Cytometric Analysis of Upregulated Functional Gene Expression in Primary Cells by On-Chip Staining17 Jun 2013Read
Quantitating Protein Expression in Intact Tissue Sections for Cancer Research9 May 2013Read
Monitoring Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells by Automated Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation on the Biomek NXP Laboratory Automation Workstation24 Apr 2013Read
Cell Sorting Based on RNA detection in Living Cells Using SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Reagents15 Apr 2013Read
A novel RNA Detection Reagent Enables Gene Expression Analysis in Living Cells15 Apr 2013Read
Sowing the Seeds of Knowledge: The Integration of Practical Flow Cytometry into Undergraduate Education28 Mar 2013Read
Flow Cytometric Enumeration of Total Bacterial Cell Count (TCC) in Drinking Water with the Partec CyFlow® Cube 6 Flow Cytometer25 Mar 2013Read
Rapid Profiling of Multiple Toxicity Indicators using a Laser Scanning Imaging Cytometer6 Mar 2013Read
Assessing Water Quality with the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer1 Mar 2013Read


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