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Diamond Analytics Launches Industry’s First Diamond-Based Core-Shell HPLC Column25 Apr 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces High-Performance Gas Chromatography Column Connection Supplies14 Apr 2014Read
Shimadzu’s LabSolutions DB and CS Complete LC and GC Chromatography Software Family10 Apr 2014Read
Grace Launches ProVance Disposable Protein A Chromatography Columns to Help Reduce Costs and Time to Market for Biologics7 Apr 2014Read
Guest Editor Prof. Edward Yeung Discusses HPLC 201431 Mar 2014Read
Chromium (VI) in Toys – Determination by Ion Chromatography6 Mar 2014Read
Are You a Chromatography Master Mind?20 Feb 2014Read
Restek Announces 2014 Chromatography Seminars11 Feb 2014Read
Restek Announces New Raptor™ ARC-18 Columns for LC-MS/MS10 Feb 2014Read
CAMAG Announces Next Generation visionCATS HPTLC Software10 Feb 2014Read

  Application Articles

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A Rapid and Sensitive Method Estimation of Octreotide in Human Plasma Using UPLC and Xevo TQ-S12 Jun 2013Read
A Sensitive and Rapid Estimation of Leuprolide in Human Plasma12 Jun 2013Read
UPLC/MS/MS Method for the Quantification of Trastuzumab in Human Serum at the 5-nM Level Using Xevo TQD MS and ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System12 Jun 2013Read
Phosphor Anions in a Biocide11 Jun 2013Read
Differentiating Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s) by GC/FID/ECD7 Jun 2013Read
Determination of Trace Anions in Nuclear Power Plant Secondary Feed Water Containing Polyacrylic Acid7 Jun 2013Read
On-Site Analysis of Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) in Soil and Groundwater Using Field Portable Purge and Trap GC/FID/PID5 Jun 2013Read
Soil Analysis: Fast GC Approach for Polychlorinated Biphenyls Determination5 Jun 2013Read
Fosetyl-aluminum in Pesticide Formulations3 Jun 2013Read
Pesticide Analysis by GC/ECD/NPD & FID30 May 2013Read


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Waters Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography: No-Compromise GC/MS14 Mar 2014Watch  
The Zetasizer µV Dual Integrated Light Scattering system from Malvern12 Mar 2014Watch  
Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Opportunities in Brazil: Marc Yves Chalom, Thermo Fisher Scientific25 Nov 2013Watch  
Phenomenex Cool-Lock™ Nut for GC Column Installation Demonstration12 Apr 2013Watch  
Metrohm Ion Chromatograph and MagIC-Net Software Increase Efficiency of Toxin and Pollutant Research in Fish4 Apr 2013Watch  
The Modular NGC™ Medium-Pressure Chromatography System from Bio-Rad28 Mar 2013Watch  
Rxi® Technology for Accurate Trace-Level Analysis and New EZGC™ Software from Restek25 Mar 2013Watch  
Peak Scientific Introduce the Precision Series of Gas Generators for Gas Chromatography 12 Mar 2013Watch  
AnIML Data Standard from BSSN Software30 Jan 2013Watch  
The Gilson PLC 2020 Personal Purification System2 Nov 2012Watch

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