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CYTOO’s 2D+ and 3D+ Cell Culture Platform at MipTec 201323 Sep 2013Read
Visit Sarstedt at Biotechnica 2013 to See a New Optimized and Extended Product Range23 Sep 2013Read
Corning to Showcase Tools and Equipment for Cell Culture, Molecular Biology, Drug Discovery and Microbiology at Biotechnica23 Sep 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Sets New Standards for Biopharma Drug Discovery and Production20 Sep 2013Read
Next-Generation Sparger Technology Sets New Standards for Cell Culture Performance in Single-Use Systems19 Sep 2013Read
New Cell Culture Media Improves Transient Transfection Performance in Biopharmaceutical Research and Production19 Sep 2013Read
Next Generation Single-Use Bioreactor Improves Cell Culture Performance19 Sep 2013Read
EMD Millipore to Showcase New Downstream & Upstream Processing Technologies at BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition18 Sep 2013Read
Corning Expands Microcarrier Product Line for Bioprocess Scale-up16 Sep 2013Read
Improve cell growth with the new DURAN® Baffled Flasks from SCHOTT9 Sep 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Dynamic Expansion of Vero and MRC-5 Cells Using Corning® Microcarriers19 Nov 2014Read
Protein Coatings Facilitate the Differentiation of Reconstructed Epithelia in ThinCert™ Cell Culture Inserts14 Oct 2014Read
Reconstruction of Full Thickness Skin Equivalents using BRANDplates® Insert System17 Sep 2014Read
Novel Synthetic, Xeno-Free Surface for Expansion and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells in Serum-Free Condition11 Sep 2014Read
A Novel, Synthetic, Xeno-Free Surface for Neural Progenitor Cell Culture9 Sep 2014Read
Cell Cultivation without Contamination12 Aug 2014Read
Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables –Improved Optical Performance Facilitates Microscopic Analysis of Cells7 Aug 2014Read
Growing CHO Cells in a New Brunswick™ CelliGen® BLU Benchtop, Stirred-Tank Bioreactor Using Single-Use Vessels17 Jan 2014Read
Corning Guide for Identifying and Correcting Common Cell Growth Problems2 Jan 2014Read
Cultivation of Human CAP® Cells: Evaluation of Scale-Down Capabilities using Single-Use Bioreactors7 Oct 2013Read


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New Wave 25 Bioreactor Cell Culture System from GE Healthcare14 Oct 2013Watch  
A Range of New Cell Culture & Analysis Products Presented by Greiner Bio-One 14 Oct 2013Watch  
Novel Techniques for Cell Expansion10 Sep 2013Watch  
Culture Preparation and Plating2 Sep 2013Watch  
Innovative Tools for 3D Cell Culture24 Apr 2013Watch  
New In-VitroCell Laboratory CO2 Incubators from NuAire 25 Mar 2013Watch  
Seeding the 12-Layer Corning® HYPERStack Cell Culture Vessel21 Feb 2013Watch  
The New Celigo S from Brooks Life Science Systems30 Jan 2013Watch  
Bioprocess Manager from BSSN Software30 Jan 2013Watch  
The New Thermo Scientific Cytomat 10 for Advanced Incubation30 Jan 2013Watch