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Reinnervate Commence Shipments of Alvetex®Scaffold 96 Well Plates17 Dec 2012Read
Raptor Launches Kingfisher V, A Deep Cooled Vacuum Based CCD17 Dec 2012Read
Raptor Photonics Launches Revolutionary PentaVac™ Technology17 Dec 2012Read
Carl Zeiss Introduces Axio Scan.Z1 Digital Slide Scanner at ASCB17 Dec 2012Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches IN Cell Analyzer 2200 for Super-Fast and Sensitive High-Content Cell Imaging14 Dec 2012Read
MP Biomedicals to Showcase Extensive Life Science Portfolio at ASCB 20124 Dec 2012Read
Molecular Devices Introduces Real-Time Super-Resolution System for MetaMorph Software4 Dec 2012Read
New Primary Cell Isolation and Tissue Dissociation Guide Available3 Dec 2012Read
Visit Booth 502 at ASCB for the Chance to Win 1 of 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets and Pick Up Your Complimentary ASCB-Specific Notebook3 Dec 2012Read
Win 1 of 3 iPad Minis at the Mirus Bio Booth #423 at ASCB3 Dec 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Imaris - Explore the Third Dimension11 Jan 2013Watch  
ASCB 2012 Overview11 Jan 2013Watch  
Ultra-Low Light Level Imaging Solutions from Andor10 Jan 2013Watch  
New Bio-Rad S3 Cell Sorter10 Jan 2013Watch  
C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System - Single Cell Genomics Made Easy10 Jan 2013Watch  
ORCA-Flash4.0: A Generation II sCMOS Camera10 Jan 2013Watch  
New Ergonomically Designed PIPETMAN Pipettes from Gilson10 Jan 2013Watch  
Fluorescent Cell Image System22 May 2012Watch  
Live Cell Imaging with AFM Technology9 Jan 2012Watch  
Standardization for Sample Handling9 Jan 2012Watch