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CYTOO's Motility Plates to Study Cell Migration to be Launched at American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)3 Dec 2012Read
Bio-Rad Acquires Cell Sorting System1 Nov 2012Read
Photometrics Launches Industry’s Fastest, Most Sensitive 512x512 EMCCD Camera for Super-Resolution Imaging31 Oct 2012Read
The New Leica TCS SP8 Provides Ultra-Detailed Imaging12 Jun 2012Read
Complete Kit Assures Effective Hepatocyte Isolation28 Nov 2011Read
R&D Launch Products at ASCB28 Nov 2011Read
See the New MetaMorph NX Analysis Builder in Action at the ASCB 2011 Annual Meeting28 Nov 2011Read
EMD Millipore at ASCB Annual Meeting 201128 Nov 2011Read
Carl Zeiss Showcases Microscopy Products28 Nov 2011Read
Atomic Force Microscope with the Capabilities of an Inverted Light Microscope28 Nov 2011Read

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Imaris - Explore the Third Dimension11 Jan 2013Watch  
ASCB 2012 Overview11 Jan 2013Watch  
Ultra-Low Light Level Imaging Solutions from Andor10 Jan 2013Watch  
New Bio-Rad S3 Cell Sorter10 Jan 2013Watch  
C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System - Single Cell Genomics Made Easy10 Jan 2013Watch  
ORCA-Flash4.0: A Generation II sCMOS Camera10 Jan 2013Watch  
New Ergonomically Designed PIPETMAN Pipettes from Gilson10 Jan 2013Watch  
Fluorescent Cell Image System22 May 2012Watch  
Live Cell Imaging with AFM Technology9 Jan 2012Watch  
Standardization for Sample Handling9 Jan 2012Watch