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Reinnervate Commence Shipments of Alvetex®Scaffold 96 Well Plates17 Dec 2012Read
Raptor Launches Kingfisher V, A Deep Cooled Vacuum Based CCD17 Dec 2012Read
Raptor Photonics Launches Revolutionary PentaVac™ Technology17 Dec 2012Read
Carl Zeiss Introduces Axio Scan.Z1 Digital Slide Scanner at ASCB17 Dec 2012Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches IN Cell Analyzer 2200 for Super-Fast and Sensitive High-Content Cell Imaging14 Dec 2012Read
MP Biomedicals to Showcase Extensive Life Science Portfolio at ASCB 20124 Dec 2012Read
Molecular Devices Introduces Real-Time Super-Resolution System for MetaMorph Software4 Dec 2012Read
New Primary Cell Isolation and Tissue Dissociation Guide Available3 Dec 2012Read
Visit Booth 502 at ASCB for the Chance to Win 1 of 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets and Pick Up Your Complimentary ASCB-Specific Notebook3 Dec 2012Read
Win 1 of 3 iPad Minis at the Mirus Bio Booth #423 at ASCB3 Dec 2012Read

  Application Articles

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ASCB 2013 Show Overview23 Dec 2013Watch  
Powerful Analysis of 3D and 4D Microscopy Datasets with Imaris Software from Bitplane20 Dec 2013Watch  
Cytation 3 from BioTek: An Automated Digital Microscope and Multi-Mode Reader in One20 Dec 2013Watch  
BINDER CO2 Incubator Designed for Absolute Sterility19 Dec 2013Watch  
Aplgen Showcases Omega Lum™ Line of Gel and Blot Imaging Systems19 Dec 2013Watch  
Bruker BioScope Catalyst – Integrating AFM and Optical Microscopy19 Dec 2013Watch  
EMD Millipore Announces New guava easyCyte™ 12 Flow Cytometers19 Dec 2013Watch  
Andor Technology Presents Latest Innovations for Efficient, High-Speed Cell Imaging19 Dec 2013Watch  
Bruker Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope19 Dec 2013Watch  
User-Friendly Cytometry with the S3 Cell Sorter from Bio-Rad19 Dec 2013Watch