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Leica Microsystems Previews Light Sheet Module for Confocal Microscope for Gentle and Fast Live Imaging9 Dec 2014Read
Nikon Instruments Inc. Unveils New Ti-diSPIM System at Cell Biology 20149 Dec 2014Read
BioTek Introduces Cytation™ 5 Cell Imager at ASCB 201420 Nov 2014Read
Opportunities for Growth at ASCB16 Dec 2013Read
Visit the Bio-Rad Booth (1021) at ASCB 2013 to See Just How Easy Cell Sorting Can Be!5 Dec 2013Read
Innovative Color Calibration System for Optical Microscopy from Datacolor to be Showcased at ASCB 201329 Nov 2013Read
Mirus to Display Latest Transfection Technology at ASCB 201328 Nov 2013Read
BioTek Highlights Improved Workflows with their Latest Microplate Instruments at ASCB201328 Nov 2013Read
NIGHTSEA to Showcase SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter at ASCB 201328 Nov 2013Read
Freshwater Rotifers Video Wins 2012 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition18 Dec 2012Read

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Standardization for Sample Handling9 Jan 2012Watch  
New ZEN technology for Microscopy9 Jan 2012Watch  
Launch of the Muse™ Cell Analyzer9 Jan 2012Watch  
New features of Biospectrometer9 Jan 2012Watch  
New Bench-Top Fluorescent Cell Imaging 9 Jan 2012Watch  
New Technology for Safety Cabinet9 Jan 2012Watch  
sCMOS Camera for Biological Samples9 Jan 2012Watch  
New Product Produces Cell Isolates22 Dec 2011Watch