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New ProReveal Ultra-Sensitive Test for Detecting Protein on Surgical Instruments Introduced at MEDICA26 Nov 2012Read
Lophius Biosciences Achieves First Clinical Proof of Principle for T-Track® TB for Detection of Active Tuberculosis8 Nov 2012Read
SCIENION and GENOMICA Offer a New Innovative Printing Technology for in vitro Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine5 Nov 2012Read
New Vitl Co-Mix Mixer to be Exhibited at MEDICA2 Nov 2012Read
New DNA Extraction Assay for Laboratory Diagnostics to be Showcased at MEDICA2 Nov 2012Read
New Products from BBI to be Showcased at MEDICA 20122 Nov 2012Read
EKF Diagnostics to Introduce New Low Cost POC Analyzers at Medica18 Oct 2012Read
HMM Diagnostics to Present Revised Telehealth Smartphone for Blood Glucose Measurement at Medica 20122 Oct 2012Read
Alere Introduces New POCT Products at Medica24 Nov 2011Read
EKF Launches HbA1c Analyser at Medica 201118 Nov 2011Read

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MEDICA 2013 Show Overview4 Dec 2013Watch  
'Think Possible' with the MultiFlo FX Microplate Dispenser27 Nov 2013Watch  
Landmark Troponin Assay to Give Results at the Point-of-Care27 Nov 2013Watch  
World’s First Point-of-Care Device for Myeloma27 Nov 2013Watch  
EKF Premiers Novel Point-of-Care Products at MEDICA27 Nov 2013Watch  
Socorex Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary at MEDICA27 Nov 2013Watch  
Solutions for the Early Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Diseases9 Dec 2012Watch  
Advanced Automated Systems for IFA slides, Blot Strips and ELISA27 Nov 2012Watch  
Reliable and Accurate Environment Simulation27 Nov 2012Watch  
Innovative Solutions for Sample Preparation and In Vitro Diagnostics27 Nov 2012Watch