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Atomo Diagnostics at AACC with World’s First Integrated Rapid Blood Test2 Aug 2014Read
MedMira Expands Multiplo Product Range with Three New Rapid Vertical Flow Tests17 Jul 2014Read
UAB Develops a ‘Bioenergetic Health Index’ (BHI) Using Seahorse Bioscience XF Technology30 May 2014Read
In the News this Week: Advances in HIV Vaccine Development, ECCMID Highlights & SelectScience Wins UK Life Science Employer of the Year16 May 2014Read
Scripps Research Institute Scientists Show AIDS Vaccine Could Work Against Changeable Site on HIV15 May 2014Read
Siemens Submits Premarket Approval Application to FDA for HIV Combo Assay8 May 2014Read
Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find New Point of Attack on HIV for Vaccine Development1 May 2014Read
Point-of-Care CD4 Test Could Deliver Improved AIDS Diagnostics to Worlds Most Vulnerable Locations7 Apr 2014Read
MedMira Brings First Comprehensive POC Rapid HIV Test to Mexico19 Mar 2014Read
MedMira to Submit Cutting-Edge Rapid HIV Test for WHO Prequalification18 Mar 2014Read

  Application Articles

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xMAP® Multiplex Assays Enable HIV Research24 Nov 2014Read
The Advantages of EIA with Improved Sensitivity for the Detection of Low Concentrations of HBsAg in Samples with Markers of HCV, HBV or HIV Infections21 May 2014Read
Utilization of Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains as a Biomarker of B Cell Dysregulation in HIV Patients: Quantitation Using a New Rapid Test (Seralite®)10 Mar 2014Read
BD FACSCount System Quick Reference Part 27 Oct 2011Read
BD FACSCount System Quick Reference Guide6 Oct 2011Read


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Innovative Solutions for Sample Preparation and In Vitro Diagnostics27 Nov 2012Watch  
QX100 Droplet Digital PCR System at Sangamo BioSciences30 Oct 2012Watch