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Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 System Supports Identification and Selection of GPCR Target Protein Expressing Cell Lines21 Jan 2014Read
Leading Drug Discovery Scientists Leverage PathHunter® Arrestin Technology for Discovery of Novel GPCR Drugs21 Nov 2013Read
Molecular Devices Introduces FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kits24 Apr 2013Read
BioFocus Expands Ion Channel Offering Through Agreement with ChanTest6 Feb 2013Read
A New Automated HTS Format to Quantify Receptor-Ligand Binding to GPCRs in Live Cells17 Jan 2013Read
Learn about the Newest Microplate Reader Technology and Win an iPad Mini at SLAS201331 Dec 2012Read
Addex Scientists Identify and Characterize the First Potent and Selective Small Molecule Negative Allosteric Modulator Targeting mGlu7 Receptor20 Dec 2012Read
Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded for Research into GPCRs6 Nov 2012Read
Addex Reports Top-line Data from a Successful Phase 2a Clinical Study with ADX71149 in Schizophrenia Patients5 Nov 2012Read

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Evaluation of Polyethylene Type using High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography with Triple Detection16 Sep 2014Read
Diverse Applications of the Novel Small, Bright NanoLuc Luciferase10 Sep 2014Read
Quantifying Fluorescent Ligand Binding to GPCRs in Live Cells using the PHERAstar FS - a New Format for HTS22 Aug 2014Read
Developing Assays for Screening GPCRs with Transiently Transfected Cells Using the MaxCyte® STX™ System15 Aug 2014Read
Keys to Successful Cell-Based Assay Development with the MaxCyte® STX Scalable Transfection System15 Aug 2014Read
PathHunter® β-Arrestin Human and Ortholog GPCR Assays30 Jun 2014Read
Flow Electroporation Capabilities and Case Studies: Rapid GPCR Screening and Functional Ion Channel Assays20 May 2014Read
Optimization of HEK293 Cell Culture in a New Brunswick™ CelliGen® 115 Bioreactor for the Production Of Recombinant GPCR24 Jan 2014Read
Live Cell Biosensor Assay Used To Interrogate GPCRs21 Nov 2013Read
Miniaturized HTRF® Assays Using the Echo® Liquid Handler24 Apr 2013Read


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Viscotek Advanced Detectors for GPC-SEC5 Aug 2014Watch  
Protein Based Green and Red Fluorescent Sensors for Identification of Drug Discovery Targets10 Feb 2014Watch