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Record Number of Delegates and Visitors Attended the 15th European Microscopy Congress4 Oct 2012Read
The New Olympus IX3 Series Launched at The European Microscopy Congress20 Sep 2012Read
First Class Secondary Antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe Ltd7 Sep 2012Read
Prior Scientific to Preview New HLW20 Well Plate Loading System at EMC 20127 Sep 2012Read
New Quantitative AFM Viscoelastic Mapping Techniques for Soft Samples7 Sep 2012Read
Hamamatsu Exhibit ORCA-Flash4.0 sCMOS Camera at EMC 20126 Sep 2012Read
Olympus to Unveil a New Concept in Application Flexibility12 Jul 2012Read
European Microscopy Congress (emc2012) - Scientific Programme Released22 Jun 2012Read
Nobel Prize Winner to Speak at European Microscopy Congress (EMC)30 Nov 2011Read

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EMC 2012 Show Overview3 Oct 2012Watch  
Multicolor Imaging with Specialized Secondary Antibodies3 Oct 2012Watch  
The IX83 Inverted Microscope for Intuitive and Flexible Life Science Microscopy3 Oct 2012Watch  
Innovative Microscope Automation Solutions from Prior Scientific2 Oct 2012Watch  
Microscopy Solutions from Leica Microsystems2 Oct 2012Watch  
The Revolution XD Family for Live Cell Imaging2 Oct 2012Watch  
The ORCA-Flash4.0 sCMOS Camera for Scientific Imaging2 Oct 2012Watch  
ORION NanoFab: Multi-Ion-Beam Tool2 Oct 2012Watch  
UltraDry EDS detector and EBSD QuasOr2 Oct 2012Watch  
EMC Learning Zone2 Oct 2012Watch