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Biowake to Launch as a New Company at ELRIG30 Aug 2012Read
Agilent Showcasing Automated Systems at the ELRIG Drug Discovery 201227 Aug 2012Read
Biotek to Feature Their Newest Microplate Instrumentation Technologies at ELRIG25 Aug 2012Read
Experience New and Innovative Microplate Reader Technology at ELRIG 201223 Aug 2012Read
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2012 - Have You Registered?12 Jul 2012Read
Pharmaceutical Flow Cytometry and Imaging 201212 Jul 2012Read
Register Now for UK Based NGS Meeting in 2 Weeks Time12 Jun 2012Read
ELRIG Announces Dates for Meetings in 201312 Jun 2012Read
ELRIG Drug Discovery Meeting - Register for Free NOW to Secure a Place12 Jun 2012Read
ELRIG Announces Speaker Programme for Drug Discovery 2012 Conference30 Apr 2012Read

  Application Articles

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A Novel Data Processing Workflow for Efficient Analysis of Large-Scale Thermofluor Assays16 Sep 2013Read
A Novel, No Wash Screening Assay to Simultaneously Measure Binding to Target and Control Antigens on Mammalian Cell Surfaces25 Sep 2012Read
Development of a Multiplex High Throughput Screening Assay Cascade for Evaluating Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Binding and Activation25 Sep 2012Read
Combination of Flow With 3D Cell Culture Improves Metabolic Competency in Multiple Cell Types24 Sep 2012Read
Comparative Analysis of In Vivo and In Vitro Expression of Kinases in the MAPK and PI3K Pathways24 Sep 2012Read
Snapshot of MAP Kinase and Related Signal Transduction Pathways from Biopsied Cells Using a Novel Non-Optical Assay Technology24 Sep 2012Read


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SelectScience Announces Winner of Drug Discovery Scientists’ Choice Award5 Sep 2013Watch  
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2013 Overview4 Sep 2013Watch  
Scientists' Choice Award: Drug Discovery Product of the Year. Presented at ELRIG 201122 Sep 2011Watch