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Agilent Technologies to Sponsor Global Forensics Congress in Portugal27 Aug 2013Read
Bruker Daltonics Inc. to Exhibit impact and New compact qTOF for Forensics and Doping Control Solutions at Pittcon 20134 Mar 2013Read
Phenylbutazone Found in Horsemeat Sold for Food28 Jan 2013Read
Keeping Sport Clean with LoGiCal® Reference Standards10 Jan 2013Read
Advances in Technology for Targeted and Non-Targeted Equine Drug Screening24 Aug 2012Read
Interview with Professor Anthony W. Butch of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory1 Aug 2012Read
Olympic 2012 Anti-Doping Facility to become Medical Research Center1 Aug 2012Read
Testing For EPO: The Performance Enhancing Drug31 Jul 2012Read
Interview with Christiaan Bartlett, Certifying Analyst at the Drug Control Centre, King’s College London22 Jun 2012Read
Interview with Dr. Daniel Eichner of The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory28 May 2012Read

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Extraction of Acidic, Neutral and Basic Drugs from Urine using ISOLUTE® HCX Columns7 Jul 2012Read
Extraction of 22 Pain Management Drugs from Urine using ISOLUTE® SLE+ in 96-Fixed Well Plate Format Prior to LC-MS-MS5 Jul 2012Read
Screening Drugs and Toxic Compounds with LC-MS/MS: An Alternative to LC-UV for Research Toxicology Labs27 Jun 2012Read
Confirmation of Barbiturate Poisoning with GC-TOFMS25 Jun 2012Read
Doping Evaluation with NuGenesis SDMS and TargetLynx22 Jun 2012Read
Enhanced Detection and Separation of Anabolic Steroids for Anti-Doping Control Screening by Comprehensive Two- Dimensional Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (GCxGC-TOFMS)19 Jun 2012Read
Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Δ9THC, 11-OH-Δ9THC and Δ9THC-COOH in Whole Blood by GC Tandem Quadrupole MS15 Jun 2012Read
Phencyclidine (PCP) in Urine by SAMHSA GC/MS13 Jun 2012Read
Opiates in Urine by SAMHSA GC/MS7 Jun 2012Read
Ultra-Sensitive Analysis of Aldosterone in Serum using the AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500 LC/MS/MS System7 Jun 2012Read


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Analyzing Footballers with Mass Spec: Exclusive WADA Anti-Doping Interview25 Nov 2014Watch  
New Handheld Saliva Extraction Technology for Antidoping Testing in Athletes1 Aug 2014Watch  
Antidoping: Designing Novel Methods18 Jul 2014Watch  
The Athlete Biological Passport: Professor David Cowan27 Jun 2012Watch  
Science Behind the Olympics: Prof. David Cowan at Anti-Doping HQ1 May 2012Watch  
SPE of Analytes from Urine: Olympics Anti-Doping Lab30 Apr 2012Watch  
Novel GC-IRMS Technique for Steroid Confirmation: Olympics Anti-Doping Lab30 Apr 2012Watch  
GSK Invest in Olympics Anti-Doping Labs30 Apr 2012Watch  
An Analysts' Perspective on the Games: Method Development30 Apr 2012Watch  
GC/MS for Identification of Stimulants: Olympics Anti-Doping Lab30 Apr 2012Watch