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Voxtel, Inc. is a world leader in the development and sales of advanced photonics and electro-optical devices and systems, specializing in time-of-flight, LIDAR, LADAR, and dual-mode active/passive detectors and focal plane arrays, including those hardened for harsh radiation and environmental applications. Our advanced photodetectors, electro-optical systems and optical instrumentation are implemented through a diverse array of industrial, commercial, research, and government applications.

Privately held and headquartered a few miles west of Portland in Beaverton, Oregon, Voxtel was founded in 1999. However, the core team has worked together and an impressive legacy of innovation and technical leadership that dates back to the 1980s. As our company continues to grow, we remain strong, profitable and stable; this is because we build atop a firm foundation of exceptional engineering, and an unwavering commitment to our original mission.

Voxtel’s mission: to enable our customers to design, build, and deploy the world’s best next-generation optoelectronics systems.

Despite industry leading achievements, we’re not the biggest or oldest company in the industry, which provides us with a unique competitive advantage. Extensive technical experience and our intentionally moderate size have earned us a strong reputation as quick, nimble problem-solvers and expert developers of advanced devices and systems.

Not only does Voxtel create great products, we bring them to market in a way that reduces product development time and cost for our customers, enhancing their competitive edge. Our balance of stability and flexibility also allows us to successfully navigate even the most complex project needs, including: custom design, material growth, device fabrication, packaging, camera electronics, and turnkey systems.

These capabilities and a well-coordinated product development plan have helped Voxtel emerge as a highly valuable developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced Si and III-V photodetectors, “high-gain, low-noise” avalanche photodiodes, active/passive, LIDAR, and LADAR focal plane arrays, and electrooptical systems to OEMs, researchers, and government prime contractors. All the while, Voxtel provides unparalleled customer service to ensure total satisfaction.

Voxtel, Inc: Expert technical leadership. Continual creative innovation. Commitment to customer satisfaction. Look forward with us.

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Voxtel, Inc.
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