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  The ChemStudio SA2 Imager is a stand-alone system, for publication qual...

  The UVP GelDoc-It2 Imager is an upgradeable, gel imaging system, for pu...

   The GelStudio SA2 Imager is a stand-alone gel imaging system, for...

  The UVP ChemStudio Imager is an upgradeable system, for publication qua...

  Macro to Micro Fluorescent In Vivo Imaging - Now researchers can take d...

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Analytik Jena US (formerly UVP, LLC), manufactures BioImaging Systems for gel & blot imaging including DNA & Protein Gels, Fluorescent Westerns, Chemiluminescent Blots, Multiplex & Colorimetric samples. Basic imaging system are available for other areas of research such as photo documentation and colony counting. Additionally, AJ US manufactures ultraviolet lamps, PCR hoods, transilluminators, crosslinkers and hybridization ovens.

German manufactured products include: thermal cyclers, qPCR/standard PCR systems, homogenization equipment and DNA/RNA isolation/extraction kits are available for use with a variety of starting materials. Automated extraction systems are also available.

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