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The Conference Forum has a very specific focus – developing specialized events both public and private as well as research groups and advisory boards for professionals in the life science industry. We currently offer conferences for R&D leaders, Clinical Development professionals, young and established Biotech executives, and Drug Delivery specialists. Our mission is to create the best content in an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas among peers and networking for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals.

This new standard in information exchange is based on the quality of our research and our exceptional service. Our research team concentrates fully on in-depth market analysis to uncover the most relevant issues in the industry. Led by our Conference Research Director with more than 18 years of experience, our research team combines its detailed findings with penetrative insight from our Advisory Boards to create events that surpass industry expectations.

Through our conferences, we accomplish two objectives:

1. In a live format, we address the most current industry challenges and offer solutions to those challenges.

2. We bring professionals together to exchange information, network and find potential partners.

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