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Prodigy XP Inductively Coupled Plas...
Teledyne Leeman Lab's Prodigy XP High Dispersion ICP Spectrometer is designed to help you meet the challenges in today's economy ...

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Hydra II AA
Teledyne Leeman Lab's Hydra II AA Mercury Analyzer - Where Productivity and Performance Meet. Hydra II AA Mercury Analyzer de...

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Prodigy DC Arc Spectrometer
Teledyne Leeman Labs DC Arc Spectrometer is designed for fast, quantitative, elemental analyses of difficult samples. Few other techni...

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Hydra II AF
Teledyne Leeman Lab's Hydra II AF - For Sub ppt Detection and a Wide Dynamic Range. Hydra II AF operates on the principal of cold vapor ...

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Hydra II C
Teledyne Leeman Lab's Hydra IIC is a fully automated turnkey analyzer that measures mercury in solid and semi-solid sample matrices direct...

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Company Profile

Teledyne Leeman Labs is the analytical instrument company that more corporations, government agencies, municipalities, and educational institutions are choosing to do business with – across the United States and around the globe. The company was founded in 1981, maintains corporate headquarters in Hudson, New Hampshire, and does business in more than 50 countries. 

Teledyne Leeman Labs is a company of scientists, engineers, and service professionals that are truly passionate about what they do, and that's atomic spectroscopy. Their mission from day one has been to produce world-class instruments for elemental analysis. They have no interest in simply meeting standards. Their goal – through continuous innovation, dedication, and fresh thinking – is to constantly raise the bar, providing scientists and analysts with cutting edge instruments that deliver extraordinarily accurate analysis week after week, year after year.

Teledyne Leeman Labs invests heavily in research and development and looks forward to providing customers with a steady stream of technological advances in the years ahead.