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Streamline Flash and Preparative HPLC chromatography with a compact, easy-to-operate...

Teledyne Isco advances automated chromatography again with the CombiFlash Rf 200i sy...

Teledyne Isco advances automated chromatography again with the CombiFlash Rf 200 sys...

The CombiFlash Rf 150 delivers reversed phase purifications at a fraction of the cos...

100DM Syringe Pump - Our best pulseless flow pump. The 100DM for the ultimate in...

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Isco, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in engineering and building innovative, reliable products for separation and analysis. 

Now a division of Teledyne Technologies, Teledyne Isco is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flash chromatography systems used in new compound discovery.  

Our CombiFlash® separation systems provide rapid, productive purification of organic compounds. The Companionä family of personal flash chromatography systems offers easy-to-use automation with networked control, and scale-up capability from milligrams to over 100 grams of purified sample. CombiFlash OptiX 10 separates ten samples in parallel, while Sq16x sequentially purifies up to 16 samples with walkaway automation. RediSep® columns offer fast, reproducible separations with a wide range of packings. 

Our Foxy® fraction collectors are the first choice for automated HPLC in thousands of labs worldwide. And our high-pressure precision syringe pumps deliver accurate, pulseless flow of virtually any fluid, from sub-microliter rates to over 400 ml/min, and pressures up to 1,400 bar (20,000 psi). They are ideal for liquefied gases or supercritical fluids, and for demanding applications such as LC-MS and ultra-HPLC.

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