Takara Bio

Since its beginnings as the biomedical business of Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. (now Takara Holdings Inc.), Takara Bio has developed biotechnology-related businesses with a focus on genetic engineering technologies.

At present, we have three business segments. In Japan, the Genetic engineering research business has pioneered the introduction and sale of a gene amplification system known as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). This business provides research reagents, scientific instruments, and contract research services that are essential for leading-edge biotechnology research. Today, the sales network of this business boasts a global reach, encompassing North America, Europe, and emerging Asian countries. Meanwhile, since being the first to succeed in the large-scale production of Bunashimeji mushrooms in 1970, the AgriBio business has developed a business centered on technologies for the large-scale production of mushrooms. For example, it produces and sells Hatakeshimeji and Honshimeji mushrooms. Also, the business provides customers with health food products whose functionality has been proven through the use of biotechnology. These include Gagome kombu (kelp) fucoidan, agar-derived agaro-oligosaccharide, and Ashitaba (angelica herb) chalcone. The third arm of our business is the Gene medicine business, which applies technologies developed by the Genetic engineering research business to the medical field. The business develops and commercializes leading-edge medical technologies, such as cell and gene therapies for cancer and AIDS.

Our business strategy is to invest the stable income generated by the Genetic engineering research and AgriBio business into the Gene medicine business in order to develop gene medicine technologies, thereby expanding our future earnings.

Takara Bio Inc. contributes to the health of mankind by making revolutionary biomedical technology, such as gene therapy, a reality.

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