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LCMS-8050 Triple Quad Liquid Chroma...
Incorporating Shimadzu’s proprietary ultrafast technologies (UF Technologies), the new triple quadrupole LCMS-8050 dramatically improves a...

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GCMS-QP2010 Ultra Gas Chromatograph...
Capable of fast data measurement with sensitivity five times higher than previous models, the GCMS-QP2010 Ultra offers improved applicabil...

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UV-3600 Plus Spectrophotometer
Incorporating the latest technology to achieve high sensitivity, high resolution, and an ultra-low stray light level, leading the way to n...

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iMScope TRIO
Imaging Mass Spectrometry identifies what you see at the molecular level iMScope TRIO transforms your data from just "Observation" to "Ana...

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Prominence-i GPC System
World-class Small Multi Detection GPC System. A refractive index detector is generally used for GPC analysis of hydrophobic polymers. ...

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Company Profile

Shimadzu offers solutions for analytical instrumentation and medical technology with a broad bandwidth of products, software solutions and customer services. A wide network of sales-offices and distributors in almost every country in Europe guarantee international and regional service and technical support. It is our common goal to find the best solutions for research, development and application.