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VANTAGE Workflow Solution
The VANTAGE workflow solution from Ventana is the first of its kind in the industry. Finally, labs can enjoy complete chain of c...

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cobas 8100 Automated Workflow Series
Using intelligent robotics, the cobas 8100 series automatically prepares blood samples for immediate testing and post-analytical p...

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E 170 module for MODULAR ANALYT...
Take a first step into the future of Immunochemistry automation with the E 170 module for MODULAR ANALYTICS. It provides a tailor-made Hete...

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MagNA Lyser Instrument
1 instrument (110 V or 220 V) (plus 2 MagNA Lyser Rotors, a MagNA Lyser Rotor Cooling Block, and a MagNA Lyser Rotor Stand) The MagNA Lys...

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Roche/Hitachi 902
A compact clinical chemistry analyzer for laboratories with small workloads. The Roche/Hitachi 902 has an on-board capacity of 26 tes...

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Company Profile

As the number one in the diagnostics industry, our pioneering innovations set the standards for the entire industry.

Our aim is to make things simpler and more convenient for those treating sick people, and for those being treated. Some diseases, such as malaria, stroke or diabetes, are as old as mankind. Others, such as AIDS or SARS, are more recent challenges. Therefore, we continually search for newer ways to monitor the therapies that make them more manageable - to help people live better lives.

At Roche Diagnostics, around 19,000 people work on the broadest product range in the diagnostics industry and we are always conscious of the special responsibilities our work carries with it: responsibilities towards society, the healthcare community, our people and our shareholders, but most importantly towards all patients, or those who may become patients - lastly towards each and every one of us.

Roche Diagnostics is a division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel, Switzerland.