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Now delivering sequencing reads up to 1,000 bp in length! The GS FLX+ System features the uniqu...

The power of next-gen sequencing in your hands. The GS Junior System brings the power of 454 Se...

The SeqCap Epi Enrichment System is a set of target enrichment tools for DNA methylation assessment...

An immunoassay for the quantitative determination of HE4 in human serum and plasma, this test is use...

LightCycler® Nano Instrument - Real-time PCR amplification and detection instrument for tube-based ...

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Roche Applied Science is one of the world's leading producers of reagents and systems for life science research.

The main focus of Roche is on DNA sequencing, gene expression, gene knockdown, transfection, protein analysis, and cell analysis. The Roche company's headquarter is in Penzberg in Germany, other main sites are Branford and Madison in the US, Reykjavik in Iceland, and Rotkreuz in Switzerland. Roche Applied Science is a business area of Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel, Switzerland, one of the biggest Pharma and Diagnostics companies in the world.

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