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Krystal 384 Well Microplates - Blac...
The Krystal 384 well microplate range incorporates novel square wells with large liquid capacity of 120µl per well, increasing t...

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Ultravap Mistral
The Ultravap Mistral from Porvair Sciences is designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation ...

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96-well assay plates
A comprehensive range of 96-well assay plates - ideal for routine adsorption, absorption, mixing and storage applications. Manufact...

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Chromatrap® uses a solid phase porous polymer functionalised with protein A, allowing the chromatin capture to be more efficient than bead...

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Co-Mix Multi-Format Mixer
The exciting new Co-Mix combines multiple laboratory mixing options in one compact unit. The robust Co-Mix from Porvair Sciences suppo...

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Company Profile

Porvair Sciences Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of microplates & microplate instrumentation. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc, world leader in the field of microporous materials for industrial and domestic applications. Porvair Sciences Ltd has built an exceptional international reputation for innovation, product support and quality in the Life Science market.

Our range of products for the laboratory concentrate on the widely used microplate format, from 24- to 1536- wells. A wide range of materials are used including Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Nitrocellulose and Polysulphone in the production of these microplates. In addition to the patented Microlute SPE system, the Porvair Sciences Ltd range of microplates includes Filter, Krystal and Krystal 2000 clear bottom, PCR, Deep well and Shallow well assay plates. Plates can be supplied sterile and tissue-culture treated ready to use in cell based assays.

Working in conjunction with leading laboratories around the world, Porvair Sciences Ltd has developed new technologies for evaporation and sealing of microplates including the Ultravap and MiniVap evaporators and MiniSeal plate sealer that enhance reliability, convenience, accuracy and throughput of analytical procedures throughout life science research.

Our products are supported around the world by a strong network of fully-trained distributors, please see our website for details.