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It is now commonly understood that variations in the DNA sequence of an organism’s genome can be responsible for, or contribute to predisposition to disease, drug responsiveness, microbial resistance, disease progression and other phenotypic attributes.

Finding these sometimes rare variants is made much more difficult because in many cases the only way to find changes responsible for disease etc. is to sequence the genomes of many thousands of individuals exhibiting the adverse phenotype and comparing them with many thousands of individuals who do not. Thus, thousands of samples need to be sequenced.

Additionally, important variants may be present at low frequencies within a population or in a single genetically heterogeneous sample, such as a tumour, or virus population in a clinical sample. One of the major barriers to finding such rare variants is the inability to distinguish them from errors introduced during preparation of samples for sequencing, or by the sequencing itself. This problem becomes particularly acute when applying next generation sequencing approaches to clinical diagnosis.

Population Genetics’ technologies provide the answer to these problems by allowing the simultaneous sequencing and analysis of many thousands of samples, and in these populations – or in single genetically heterogeneous samples – the high confidence identification and quantification of variants down to below 0.1% in the sample or samples being sequenced. The Population Genetics approach results in significant reductions in the time and cost of performing such large-scale studies as well as increased confidence and sensitivity with which variants can be identified.

Based at Babraham Research Campus near Cambridge in the U.K. the company has assembled a world-class team of research geneticists and molecular biologists committed to the company’s success. It is led by a management team with proven success in the commercialisation of life-science innovation and is backed by an experienced, supportive and commercially focused Board of Directors. It has continuing advisory access to Nobel Laureate, Dr. Sydney Brenner and other leading edge genomic scientists.

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