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PlexBio Co., Ltd. is a privately held biotechnology company with Asia headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and US headquarters in South San Francisco. It was established in 2010 to provide powerful, innovative bioassay solutions for the life science and diagnostic industries by leveraging cutting-edge multiplex technologies.

The Multiplex Division focuses on developing a versatile multiplexing platform for research and IVD that delivers fast, reliable results with maximal efficiency and affordability. By combining paramagnetic barcoded polymer beads with our optical imaging system, it becomes possible to obtain sensitive, specific results for multiple analytes quickly and with low sample volumes.

PlexBio’s Proteomics Division generates quality products for life science research. PlexBio’s functional recombinant protein production program is based on a proprietary high-level mammalian cell expression system that produces highly functional and cost-effective recombinant proteins for life science research. In addition. PlexBio also develops monoclonal antibodies using PlexDisplay™ technology, which combines a streamlined phage display workflow with multiplex screening. Our recombinant protein and antibody development services are fast, flexible, and tailored to your application of choice for greatest effectiveness

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