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The PIKE MIRacle™ is a universal ATR sampling accessory for analysis of solids, liq...

The GladiATR Vision couples small area ATR infrared analysis with simultaneous viewi...

Introduce an element of consistency into spectroscopic transmission applications suc...

The PIKE Technologies DiffusIR™ is a research grade diffuse reflectance accessory wi...

The ShakIR accessory provides a fast, simple and inexpensive method of mixing and gr...

Company Profile

PIKE Technologies is a unique enterprise specializing in the imaginative design and creation of high quality spectroscopic accessories. Established in 1989, it is a primary source worldwide for FTIR, NIR, and UV/VIS sampling solutions for applications including:

  • ATR                        
  • Gas Analysis
  • Specular Reflectance
  • Polarization
  • Diffuse Reflectance
  • Transmission Sampling
  • Integrating Spheres
  • Remote Sensing
  • Microsampling
  • Automation

Many of these products are available with optional heating and automation for increased sampling speed and productivity. PIKE also offers design and consulting services for development of specialized and custom products for a wide range of spectroscopy applications.

PIKE products are used in the petrochemical, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, agriculture, government and the material science industries as well as in many academic institutions around the world. These accessories compatible with all major brands of spectrometers.

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