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CyFlow® Space – Ultra-Compact, High...
This family of ultra-compact, high-end, multi-laser, benchtop flow cytometry systems is highly versatile and can be equipped for ...

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CyFlow® SL - Portable 3-Colour Flow...
Portable Flow Cytometer for applications in cell and particle analysis as well as absolute counting. With the CyFlow® SL, an...

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CyFlow® Counter - Ultracompact Port...
The CyFlow® Counter is a fully equipped portable and ultracompact desktop flow cytometer dedicated for routine CD4 and CD4% counting (as w...

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CyFlow® Oenolyser - Automatic Detec...
A major problem in red wine production with high economical impact is the appearance of off-flavours caused by Brettanomyces sp. yeasts du...

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CyFlow® Cube 6
Portable, Dual-Laser Flow Cytometry System. As the lowest priced, high performance Flow Cytometer on the market, the CyFlow® Cube 6 is...

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Company Profile

Sysmex and Partec - A steppingstone towards better health

Sysmex Partec is the newly formed collaboration between Partec, a worldwide leading pioneer, developer and manufacturer of flow cytometry systems and Sysmex Corporation, a leading international supplier of in vitro diagnostic products.

Partec is one of the great companies in healthcare. Originally founded by Professor Wolfgang Göhde in the 1960s, it produced the world’s first automated flow cytometer in 1969. It has since spread its influence around the world and is recognised as one of, if not the foremost global force in essential healthcare by widely providing robust and affordable hi-tech diagnostic solutions to resource poor markets. Of course, their expertise extends into other prominent areas also, such as the clinical, research and specialised commercial application markets.

Sysmex has a similar story to tell. Founded within 12 months of Partec, it has developed into the global leader in haematology and was the originator of its fluorescence flow based cellular technology. Now addressing areas as challenging as life science, cancer management and various other diagnostic fields, they too have and continue to make their mark in global healthcare.

The Partec acquisition was based on a very clear understanding and demand from both sides – the need to retain identity, vision and a common ambition. This is bearing fruits, as the integration is roving unproblematic and inspiring. Differing mainly just in size, the cultures and inspiration overlap remarkably well – all staff are driven by a thirst for knowledge, perfectionism in all they do, unique capabilities and a heartfelt desire to help the ultimate beneficiaries of their efforts – the patients.

Sysmex Partec products are used in a wide range of applications in healthcare, immunology, cell biology, microbiology, biotechnology, agrosciences, plant breeding, aquaculture and in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. The company also offers innovative solutions for gel electrophoresis, PCR, fluorescence and transmitted light microscopy. With its new partnership, Sysmex Partec is now available in more than 150 countries worldwide.