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FluoView FV1200 Confocal Laser Scan...
Imaging of living tissues demands the highest levels of sensitivity which allows for reduced laser power, phototoxicity and photob...

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DP80 Digital Dual CCD Color & Monoc...
A unique microscopy camera for both color documentation and fluorescent detection, the Olympus DP80 combines a color and mono...

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UPLSAPO40XS – Objectives
UPLSAPO Series With the application of Olympus’ original UW multicoating, these Super Apochromat objectives fully compensate for bo...

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IX3 Series - Intuitive Microscope S...
The next generation of inverted microscope systems has arrived. Olympus launches the new and intuitive IX3 series. The next generatio...

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SCALEVIEW 25x 8mm objective lens
The new Olympus SCALEVIEW super-long-working-distance objective images 8 mm deep into biological samples. Looking deeper into intact sam...

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Company Profile

A leading manufacturer of professional opto-digital products, Olympus pioneers key technologies in the fields of imaging and voice products, endoscopy, microscopy, bioanalytics and diagnostics.

The Olympus brand stands for

  • innovative opto-digital technologies, outstanding design and top quality
  • intense customer orientation and fast implementation of customers' wishes and market requirements
  • creativity and originality when developing new products and efficient systems solutions.

Your Vision, Our Future

Olympus is a vision realizer: we consistently focus our development capabilities, manufacturing technologies and sales skills on enabling you to realize your dreams for the future.
Olympus is customer oriented: we strive to understand and fulfil your current and future needs and to exceed your expectations. We achieve this through our efficient management, motivated employees who receive training on a regular basis, and continuous improvement of our processes.

Olympus is innovative and original: our original thinking has already resulted in many firsts. It was Olympus that developed Japan's first microscope and gave the world its first endoscope. We also led the way in producing lightweight compact cameras. We are delighted to share our excitement and sense of discovery with you.