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Cellometer Auto 2000 Cell Viability Counter for Primary Cells. The Auto 2000 uti...

Nexcelom Bioscience's CP2 Disposable Hemacytometer is an enclosed chamber with two ...

Cellattice micro-ruled coverslip consists of a cell culture surface with microscopic...

The Cellometer Auto M4 is designed for users needing to count large number of sample...

Cellometer Auto M10 is a simple to use, automated cell counter designed for counting...

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Nexcelom Bioscience LLC is a designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative devices and instruments for cell-based assays used in cancer research and drug discovery. Based on critical input from researchers, Nexcelom's solutions automate the time-consuming counting procedures for hundreds of different cell types, enabling scientists to focus less on the process and more on the research results. Nexcelom's products are currently being used in the labs of leading pharmaceutical companies, Biotech organizations, universities, and research institutions.

Cellometer Auto is a line of simple to use, automated cell counters designed to improve accuracy, repeatability, and throughput compared to manual cell counting with a hemacytometer. Cellometer is loaded with features, yet is incredibly simple to use and can count hundreds of different cell types.

Available for the first time in a compact, easy-to-use instrument, Cellometer Vision combines Bright field Microscopy and Fluorescence detection to generate both total cell count and fluorescence data on your lab bench. Sample preparation is minimal and no complex data analysis or cleanup is required. At a fraction of the cost of other technologies, Cellometer Vision is the clear choice for accelerating and simplifying assays.

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