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nCounter® Single Cell Analysis - The new nCounter® Single Cell Gene Expression Assay offers a su...

nCounter® Copy Number Variation CodeSets (CNV) - nCounter CNV CodeSets provide superior accuracy an...

nCounter® Gene Expression Analysis - A cost-effective way to analyze the expression levels of up t...

nCounter® Analysis System - One Powerful, Fully Automated System for Translational Research The...

NanoString Technologies nCounter miRNA Expression Assay Kit Highlights: • Transcriptome-level cov...

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NanoString Technologies is a privately-held life sciences company marketing a complete solution for detecting and counting large sets of target molecules. Due to its multiplexing ability and ease of use, NanoString's solution enables researchers to embark on studies that were previously inconceivable. The company's digital target profiling technology enables a wide variety of basic research and translational medicine applications, including biomarker discovery and validation. NanoString is also developing the technology for use in molecular diagnostics.

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