Molecular Devices (New Milton) Ltd

In July 2011, Genetix joined Molecular Devices, a leading provider of instruments, software, and consumables for drug discovery and life sciences research. With the addition of Genetix, Molecular Devices continues to grow as a leading technology supply company for research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical customers around the world.

Our products offer scientists unrivalled solutions that utilize imaging and intelligent image analysis to support basic research, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic development. The company’s systems continue to establish industry standards in areas such as picking microbial colonies for genomic studies or screening and selection of mammalian cell lines. Other systems use imaging platforms to monitor cell growth, evaluate cellular responses and quantify protein production. Through its expertise in robotics, cell and molecular biology, image analysis and interpretation, supported by a strong IP portfolio, the company is committed to the continual development of innovative solutions for life science applications.