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METTLER TOLEDO AutoChem provides instruments to help scientists in the chemical compound discovery and process development sector.

Parallel synthesis tools enable scientists to prepare reagents, synthesize and work up more compounds in less time than conventional chemistry techniques. Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) systems analyze and purify compounds with throughput more than five times faster than HPLC, while resulting in better resolution and sensitivity. FlexiWeigh handles compound management and logistics needs. Automated Lab Reactors provide reaction calorimetry and reaction blocks.

In situ spectroscopy with ReactIR offers a real time, dynamic picture of chemistry under actual reaction conditions. MonARC provides reaction chemistry monitoring for production scale continuous or batch processes. Lasentec probes with FBRM offer in-process, real-time particle size and count measurement at high solids concentration, as well as shape information. Lasentec probes with PVM provide high resolution images at most solid concentrations. VirtualLab offers software that allows chemists to focus on chemistry.

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