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Founded in 1919, Leatherhead Food Research has been a trusted partner to the food industry for nearly a century, offering an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience to help the food industry innovate and evolve.

Our Members and clients represent a who's who of the global food and beverage market - ranging from large multi-nationals to SMEs, and including ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and foodservice businesses. Leatherhead Food Research has a unique Membership that includes over 1500 food and drinks companies worldwide.

Leatherhead Food Research offers services including market intelligence, food research and analysis, food legislation, business and technical information and training. Additionally, we can deliver bespoke consulting and research services to both Members and non-Member organisations.

Our offerings are structured according to five main service platforms:

Regulatory Services: Leatherhead Food Research provides a regulatory advisory service offering global support spanning over 100 countries.

Food Innovation: Focusing on food ingredients and product formulation, our Food Innovation service embraces the whole food innovation cycle - from concept, to development, to scale-up, through to scientific sensory and consumer assessment of final products.

Sensory & Consumer: Our Sensory & Consumer team offers sensory evaluation and consumer insight research to the food and drink industry.

Nutrition: The Nutrition service offers research on nutrition and human health.

Food Safety: Leatherhead Food Research has a dedicated Food Safety team conducting ongoing research into food safety.

In addition to the core service platforms, Leatherhead Food Research's team of food consultants regularly delivers large-scale public and private funded research and analytical projects, including work for the FSA, EU and Department of Health.

We also offer a wide range of services that help our clients build their skills and access vital knowledge quickly and easily. Our Knowledge Transfer service delivers training and conferences, e-info, market intelligence, library and publication services.

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