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Kirkstall was founded in November 2006 by Dr J Malcolm Wilkinson and is based in Sheffield (UK) within the heart of the city’s University Campus and cluster of Biotech related research laboratories.

The company has an exclusive world-wide licence to patented cell culture technology from the University of Pisa (Italy). The technology is the outcome of over 10 years of research by an interdisciplinary research team in Pisa. Kirkstall has developed this research into a commercially available inter-connected cell culture system, which can be set up so that it mimics the human metabolism, resulting in high quality, rather than just high throughput screening.

Kirkstall aims to continue development of a range of products, both instruments and consumables, for cell culture which will have applications in safety and toxicity screening as well as in stem cell research and tissue engineering.

Sponsors of research at several leading Universities across Europe including Pisa and Sheffield, Kirkstall is constantly searching for new technologies to add to its portfolio.

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Kirkstall Ltd
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