Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S is the leading European provider of high quality substrates, enzymes, stabilizers & buffers for use in the In-vitro Diagnostic Industry (IVD).
15 years of product exposure has resulted in continuous increase of export and in establishing long lasting co-operations with kit manufacturers world-wide.

The IVD marked has an increasing demand for high level of convenience, for safe product formulations and for thermal products offering a long expiry of the final kits.
All the Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics products have been developed with special focus on safety and stability. The products are all without organic solvents making them up-to-date with all current safety regulations world-wide.
Stability always was a major issue in the company development of products for the IVD industry.
Mentioning the key enzyme substrates, the aqueous TMB, pNPP & BCIP, they are embraced by superior performance with a long lasting stability of up to 48 months proven by real time data.

For many years the range of substrates was the main product line both in tablet and liquid format.

Now several new products without content of BSA have been introduced to the market.

The HRP-Stabilizer and Antibody Enhancer are used as stabilization and dilution buffers for antibody conjugates. When focusing on high sensitive assays the Antibody Enhancer will increase signal dramatically.
The Sample Tracer is a high quality sample dilution buffer instantly tracing your sample pipetting by a colour change.
Synthetic Blocking Buffers for ELISA and Blotting assays are intended for effective blocking of remaining free sites after microplate/ membrane coating resulting in very low background values.
ELISA plate blocking and protection buffer, the WellChampion, is a one step buffer for production of stabilized, enhanced pre-coated ELISA plates.

The company further offers pure Horseradish Peroxidase, Alkaline Phosphatase & Streptavidin.

The products are supplied in bulk or dispensed, with or without labels, exactly as per customer demands. In some cases the products may be supplied in a concentrated format hereby reducing cost in long distance shipping.

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