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HyperCyt Autosampler
The HyperCyt® Autosampler is a capacity enhancer for your current flow cytometry system. HyperCyt connects to your flow cytom...

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MultiCyt 4-Plex Apoptosis Screening...
The MultiCyt Apoptosis Screening Kit is a mix and read screening assay using a unique combination of reagents that allow simulta...

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MultiCyt™ QBeads™
MultiCyt™ QBeads: A True Multiplexed Screening Solution for Secreted Proteins Proteins secreted by cells are involved in cell signalin...

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MultiCyt™ Cell Cycle Screening Kit
The MultiCyt™ Cell Cycle Screening Kit is a mix and read solution for performing high throughput screens for modulators of the cell cycle....

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iQue® Screener
Expanding capabilities, increasing performance, getting results! IntelliCyt continues to expand the capabilities and performance of th...

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Company Profile

IntelliCyt Corp. develops and markets innovative products, applications and services for drug discovery and life science research. Using proprietary technologies, the company creates instrumentation, assays, and software products that dramatically increase the speed and decrease the cost of detecting and measuring cells and beads using flow cytometry. IntelliCyt? product portfolio includes the HTFC?Screening System, HyperCyt?instrumentation, assay products and services, and informatics software. IntelliCyt? products address a pressing need among pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research laboratories to achieve increased productivity while adapting to the accelerating pace and increasing complexity of modern life sciences.