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IntelliCyt's QBeads ® are a family of reagents that enables capture of specific pro...

The QBeads DevScreen family are bead-based kits that provide you more flexibility to...

IntelliCyt's QBeads ®  are a family of reagents that enables capture of specific pro...

IntelliCyt's MultiCyt ® Cell Cycle Kit utilizes a DNA binding dye to enable the cre...

IntelliCyt's MultiCyt 4-Plex Apoptosis Kit is a multi-parameter assay consisting 4 d...

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IntelliCyt Corporation is the market leader in suspension-cell analysis platforms for immunology and immuno-oncology profiling, antibody discovery, and screening of immune targets in drug discovery and translational research. The iQue Screener platform is an integrated instrument, software and reagent system that enables rapid, high content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension to gain a better understanding of normal and disease processes. This information is used to revolutionize the discovery and development of drugs and to provide new insight into disease. IntelliCyt product portfolio includes the iQue® Screener family of instruments, MultiCyt® Reagents for cell and bead based analysis and ForeCyt® Software for data analysis and visualization.

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