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IM Publications is a specialist publisher of books and journals, primarily in analytical chemistry. We are focussed on ensuring that we provide a first-rate, personal service to all our customers—authors, subscribers, book buyers, librarians. As the world of publishing becomes increasingly dominated by larger and larger corporations, this approach from a smaller company is highly appreciated.

We have a particularly strong presence in the field of near infrared spectroscopy, publishing the only periodicals dedicated to this wide-ranging field, as well as a comprehensive list of books. Mass spectrometry is another speciality, with our peer-review European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, which is affiliated to a number of mass spectrometry societies. We also co-publish Spectroscopy Europe a controlled-circulation magazine with John Wiley's & Sons. It is the only European publication dedicated to all areas of Spectroscopy. It publishes a wide range of articles on the latest developments, interesting and important applications, new techniques and the latest development in the field.

We also published books in other areas, including Goodwood Remembered, a unique view of motor racing at the Goodwood circuit in the 1940s and 1950s through the eyes of technical illustrator, Peter Redman, an entusiastic supporter. Goodwood Remembered is shortly to be joined by a companion book, Goodwood Anecdotes, a collection of further recollections from readers and Peter's friends and relations.

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