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SPE-DEX® 4790 Extractor System
The SPE-DEX 4790® Automated Extraction System is a fully automated sample preparation system designed to rapidly process samples...

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SPE-DEX® 3000XL Extractor System
SPE-DEX® 3000XL "Oil & Grease Machine" The SPE-DEX® 3000XL Extractor automates EPA Method 1664A, and provides an alternative...

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DryVap® Concentrator System
Automated solvent drying, solvent evaporation and sample concentration. For environmental applications the HorizonTechnology DryVap® Co...

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Speed-Vap™ III
Speed-Vap™ III Solvent Evaporation System The Speed-Vap™ III Solvent Evaporation System provides safe and fast evaporation of n-hexane ...

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Reclaimer™ SRS
Protecting the environment from harmful solvent vapors. The Horizon Technology Reclaimer™ Solvent Recovery System (SRS) is designed to ...

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Company Profile

Horizon Technology Helps Analytical Labs Meet Their Business Objectives

Horizon Technology is a leading manufacturer of automated sample preparation systems for the analysis of organic compounds in aqueous samples and Oil & Grease testing. Environmental labs who follow EPA methods for semi-volatile organics, Oil & Grease, DROs, TPH, Pesticides, and Explosives have found our complete, automated sample preparation systems and consumables increase productivity, improve the accuracy of their results and lower operating costs. Understanding the challenges lab managers face, our turnkey solutions will:
  • Lower operating costs
  • Decrease sample turnaround times
  • Improve the quality and consistency of results
  • Reduce solvent usage and disposal costs
  • Limit exposure to solvents

Your Challenges as an Environmental Testing Laboratory

The determination of organic analytes in drinking water and wastewater samples are analyses carried out by many environmental testing laboratories worldwide.

Traditional methodologies typically involve manual separatory funnel or continuous liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) of the water samples with solvents. The extract is dried using specially prepared anhydrous sodium sulfate, concentrated through an evaporation step and analyzed using conventional GC, GC/MS and HPLC. These methods are labor intensive, use large amounts of solvents, and require contaminate-free glassware.

Demands have been placed upon environmental testing laboratories to increase sample throughput, shorten sample turnaround times, achieve reproducible results, provide lower detection limits, and reduce harmful solvent vapor emissions to the atmosphere.

Labs have met this challenge by optimizing a Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) method based on the Horizon Technology automation systems, that are rugged, fast, cost-effective, and achieve low MDLs and reproducible results.

Markets served by Horizon Technology include:

  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Chemical
  • Homeland Security
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical

You can meet your goals and maximize your resources by automating the sample preparation process.