HORIBA Scientific

Horiba Scientific is the world-leading manufacturer of high performance Raman, fluorescence & elemental spectroscopic instruments. Our HORIBA Scientific and HORIBA Jobin Yvon product lines include Raman, FLIM & EDXRF microscopes for rapid spectroscopy and imaging measurements; steady-state & lifetime spectrofluorometers; spectroscopic ellipsometers and end point detectors; atomic emission spectroscopy, optical components, gratings, high performance CCDs & modular TCSPC components including picosecond pulsed laser diodes, timing modules, single-photon detectors & fluorescence lifetime analysis software.

Horiba Scientific's products offer unsurpassed precision and performance for molecular, elemental, and micro-analysis applications in nanotechnology, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, photovoltaics, environmental and life sciences.