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Freeslate delivers products and related services for high throughput research (HTR). Since 1994, we have automated research in pharmaceutical, chemicals and energy industries. Our best-in-class laboratory automation platforms and powerful software enable dramatic gains in R&D productivity and innovation.

Laboratory Automation Platforms

Based on years of hands-on experience, Freeslate develops best-in-class platforms for automating research for materials development R&D. The Core Module 3 (CM3) automation platform combines sample handling like powder dispensing (with integrated balance) and liquid dispensing with extensive sample processing and analytics (e.g., heating, cooling, stirring, vortexing, pH and viscosity measurement) to create a single platform that can execute even the most complex research processes. For chemicals research that requires reduced pressure and precise process control, Freeslate offers high throughput reactors like the Parallel Pressure Reactor (PPR). With these reactors, reaction conditions (e.g., pressure, temperature, stirring rate, and order of addition) can be tightly controlled for process optimization.

Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) Software

HTR naturally produces a lot of valuable data. Data, however, is not an end to itself. Managing data effectively to drive knowledge-based decision making is paramount to accelerating discovery. Freeslate has developed a software suite that addresses each phase of the experimental process. To support simple, intuitive experimental design, Freeslate offers Library Studio®, an array-based, drag and drop, experimental design tool accommodating even the most complex experiments. Experiments designed in Library Studio are then sent to Freeslate's Automation Studio™. Automation Studio integrates not only Freeslate equipment but also third-party instruments to automate the execution of the experiments. Both process and analytical data are captured into a centralized database. Freeslate's PolyView® is used to query the database; a single, simple-to-read report can be generated to view simultaneously orthoganol analytical and process data. These reports can also be shared across multiple sites to empower knowledge building and accelerate decision making.

Exceptional Scientific Expertise and Collaboration

Our scientists represent a uniquely powerful resource for Freeslate customers because our best-in-class products are developed through their in-depth knowledge and expertise. Most of our technical staff (scientists and engineers) have Ph.D. degrees and most have hands-on experience in R&D laboratories in the industries we serve. We have published more than 50 papers on HTR applications and made presentations at numerous conferences. In other words, we understand the R&D challenges you face and how HTR can alleviate those challenges. With this intimate perspective and a collaborative mindset, we apply our experience and expertise to develop best-in-class HTR products to meet you specific application challenges.

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