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The IncuCyte ZOOMTM is Essen BioScience’s innovative live-cell imaging system, designed to operate i...

Comprises everything you need to run fully kinetic and automated 96-well cell migration (scratch wo...

NeuroLight Red™ and NeuroPrime™ Cell Kit: New products for monitoring neurite outgrowth, kineticall...

Our CellPlayer assay solutions are quantitative turn-key assay solutions for kinetic biology. ...

Most sterile fluid dispensing is done with familiar hand-operated pipette aids. While adequate for ...

Company Profile

Essen BioScience is a rapidly growing, mid-size global biotechnology company headquartered in Ann Arbor Michigan USA, with satellite offices in the UK and Japan. It consists of a team of engineers, biologists and sales representatives with deep expertise in cell-based assays, who invent, manufacture, supply and support cell-based assay instrumentation, reagents and protocols.

Founded in 1999, Essen BioScience is privately owned, and their inventions include FLIPR and IonWorks, two laboratory instruments that revolutionized industrial screening approaches to G-protein coupled receptor and ion channel target drug discovery. In 2006, Essen BioScience launched a third ground breaking platform technology, IncuCyte, a live cell imaging device that resides within a standard cell culture incubator.

In 2012, its next generation system, IncuCyte ZOOM™ Live Cell Imaging System was launched, which allows researchers to make time-lapsed fully kinetic measurements from living cells over days and weeks thus enabling true long term phenotypic assays.

Essen BioScience’s cell imaging and electrophysiology products are used in academic and industrial laboratories all through the world. In addition to direct product sales, they provide flexible outsourcing options enabling customer access to their assay technologies and expertise via their discovery service teams. Through the integrated design of instrumentation, reagents, consumables and assay protocols, their goal is to advance life science research through more informative cell-based assay solutions.

Corporate Headquarters:
300 West Morgan Road
Ann Arbor
Michigan 48108 USA
T: +1 734 769 1600
F: +1 734 769 7295

Europe Contact Information:
BioPark, Broadwater Road
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
AL7 3AX United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 1707 358688
F: +44 (0) 1707 358687

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