Analytik Jena CyBio Product Line

CyBi ® -FeliX – Automation of Cellular Assays Flexible pipetting platform for fu...

The Cybi-SELMA is a semi-automatic 96- or 384-fold pipettor with minimal required ...

The CyBi ® -Well Vario is CyBio´s automated, simultaneous pipetting platform which ...

CyBio's Cell Assay Workstation is a comprehensive solution for fully automated high...

CyBi ® -QuadPrint offers efficient and reliable results at ultimate labeling flexibi...

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Analytik Jena AG | CyBio Product Line — Liquid Handling. Automation. Service.

The CyBio Product Line of Analytik Jena AG offers high quality liquid handling and automation technologies with the highest reputation for precision, reliability and simplicity. CyBio products set standards in fast and accurate pipetting in 96, 384 and 1536 well formats.

The portfolio of the CyBio Product Line ranges from dispenser, automated simultaneous pipettors to robot-based systems. All laboratory instruments are available with an extensive accompaniment of accessories and microplate stackers to customize a flexible pipetting system for liquid handling applications. Moreover, our Automation Team designs, produces and installs fully automated systems tailored to our clients' application, throughput and capacity requirements. 

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