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HTFC High Throughput Screening Syst...
The HTFC Screening System with new ForeCyt software is making it easier than ever to screen and detect hits in microplate assays...

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JuLI Smart Cell Analyzer for Live C...
The JuLI is a smart fluorescent cell analyzer designed for live cell imaging (time lapse), cell migration assay, cell-based assa...

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TissueFAXS Tissue & Cell Analysis S...
TissueFAXS – The Equivalent of Flow Cytometry in Tissue The TissueFAXS is a unique analytical instrument that combines the advantages...

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cellZscope Cell Monitoring System
The cellZscope is a revolutionary system for measuring the impedance of barrier forming cell cultures grown on permeable membranes. It me...

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HPC-100 Portable Flow Cytometer
The HPC-100 frees up precious measurement time on expensive instruments by offering a reliable alternative for less complex applications. W...

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Company Profile

Cronus Technologies is a supplier of products from both well established and new, innovative companies, offering bio-analytical solutions to scientists and technologists in the life sciences.

Products include high content imaging systems for adherent and suspension cells, cell sorting, genomics and proteomics platforms for high throughput analysis and many more.