The DropSense 96 comes with the DropQuant Software with special features for quic...

The Trinean Proprietary cDrop Software is a new analytical software package, design...

DropPlates D+ are designed to have a wide dynamic range, with 2 separate measuring ...

The Trinean DropPlate-S 16/96 chip was designed for use with the DropSense96. A ...

DropQuant CFR is a new software package, based on DropQuant 1.2, allowing customers ...

Company Profile

Trinean develops analytical platforms for label free quantification and quality analysis of DNA, RNA and protein samples. Trinean brings value to its customers by combining first-in-class analytical software with proprietary, standardized read-out platforms helping scientists around the globe to save time and money on costly samples and reagents while gaining in accuracy, speed and in-depth quality information.

The Trinean spectrophotometry platforms combine: 
Instrumentation, with the DropSense™16 and DropSense™96 instruments being among the most sensitive UV/VIS spectrophotometers for microliter sample volumes currently in the market. They are designed to perform fast measurements of only a few samples up to 96well plate read-out in an automated set-up. 

Microfluidic sample carriers, for storage and conditioning of samples to ensure measurements in optimal conditions while generating an extensive measurement range from 0.1 up to 200 OD. These proprietary carriers allow robotic integration and assure measurement accuracy for up to 2 hours after dispensing.

Analytical software, with the cDrop™ algorithms allowing identification of sample contaminants and providing corrected concentrations of the analyte of interest (DNA, RNA or protein). This novel approach maximizes the information extracted from the UV/VIS sample measurements. Additional software modules allow robotic integration and compatibility with regulated labs.


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