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The latest Panasonic MCO-170M multi gas incubator offers the most precise regulatio...

The Sterisonic™ GxP, MCO-19AIC(UVH) Cell Culture Incubator uses the industry’s first...

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Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America: 50 Years of Innovation

Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America is a subsidiary of Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, a global leader in development, design and manufacturing of laboratory equipment for biopharmaceutical, life sciences, academic, healthcare and government markets. 


In 2017 the Biomedical Division of Panasonic Healthcare is marking its 50th year of innovation and service to the laboratory equipment industry.  In observance of this milestone, Panasonic Healthcare of North America has introduced a series of new products developed to assist scientists in improving the reproducibility of original and published research.


Key product lines with significant developments include ultra-low and cryogenic freezers, high performance refrigerators and freezers and cell culture incubators.


  • The new VIP® ECO ultra-low temperature freezer designed for long-term storage of biologicals has earned ENERGY STAR® Certification. Based on independent testing, the VIP ECO delivers the lowest daily energy usage of any ultra-low temperature freezer in its class. It operates on a unique refrigeration platform using environmentally friendly natural refrigerants and innovative variable speed compressors managed by an intuitive controller. Advanced cabinet design includes integrated frost mitigation features comprised of door handle, gasket and insulation technologies oriented to protect stored product from high ambient conditions and frequent door openings.
  • An expanded selection of high performance refrigerators has earned ENERGY STAR Certification confirming the company’s commitment to safe storage of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals at the terminal point of cold chain distribution.
  • New Cell-IQ™ cell culture incubators include a series of products for accurate in vitro modeling of precise in vivo environments with CO2, O2, and dry heat sterilization and contamination control options.

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