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Roche Innovatis' Cedex HiRes is the newest generation of image-based Cedex Cell Count...

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Roche Innovatis is a world leading technology provider focused on developing, manufacturing, and supporting automated cell culture analysis. In research, in development, and in production, Roche Innovatis provides the biomedical research community with systems and services that enable the development of effective vaccines, therapies and treatments. Systems include Cedex, the leading cell analysis systems in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry; CuBiAn, membrane-free, automated biochemistry analyzers for cell cultures; Cellavista, image based systems for multi-mode capture of cellular images; and, CASY, a compact system for cell counting and viability analysis. Services include implementation of analytical hardware, software and interfaces for seamless integration with existing process control enterprises. Roche Innovatis enables fully automated systems to exist in compliance with regulatory standards in a validated environment.

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