As a dynamic organisation Radleys Discovery Technologies are best able to react to the needs of this constantly developing market sector. Our specific areas of expertise are focused on apparatus and consumables for parallel synthesis, purification and work-up. The essential products that are the cornerstone of your parallel chemistry program.

RDT is the market leader for low cost parallel synthesis tools, offering an unrivalled range of affordable synthesisers and work-up systems to aid the productivity of chemists from industry to academia.

With over 6,000 systems installed worldwide, RDT have a proven track record. The true innovation of RDT products is their simplicity, which not only makes them easy to use - but reduces maintenance and repairs to virtually zero - ensuring a long and productive life.

RDT offer on-site demonstrations of all products via a worldwide network of dedicated Product Specialists and International Distributors.

RDT are represented in the UK, exclusively by sister company Radleys.

StarFish is a modular, general purpose heating and stirring work station designed...

The Tornado IS6 facilitates powerful, controlled mechanical stirring of up to six...

Simple and convenient, the Carousel Work-Up Station will reduce post synthesis bottle...

Rapid sequential and parallel purification in a 24 (also available in a 96)...

Carousel 6 Place will increase the productivity of your chemistry. Choose from 50ml, ...

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